Burn Fat-Feed Muscles
                Too much fast food, too little exercise-burn fat-feed muscles

The American national dish is not a Thanksgiving turkey, a barbecued steak or mother's homemade apple pie anymore. It is a crazy mix of sugar, fat and Coca-Cola. About —65 per cent of Americans are overweight enough to begin experiencing health problems as a direct result.              

A lot of Overweight passengers are forcing aircraft manufacturers to upgrade their planes to some super-jumbo proportions.
USA,Australia,and the UK are the top three fattest nations right now.Even Mexico is one of the fattest nations.
United Airlines has just implemented a tough policy for fat people: If you're too big to fit in a coach seat on a full plane, you'll have to pay for a first-class seat or two adjacent coach seats. And if those options are sold out, you'll be bumped from the flight
What´s holding over-weight people in normal health back to start losing weight? Could it be the question of expense, preconception against fat and a strong desire for for starch and sweet things which many fat people think they can never live without ?
A huge missing piece of the equation is exercise — burn fat feed muscles---exercise could entirely undo the harm done by a constant drip-feed of sugar and fat. A fact is,the more we watch television the less we exercise. It is a big fast-food propaganda machine. It tells us to eat,crisps chocolate and ice cream, and feed the family on burgers and pizzas. It sends us relentlessly to the fridge and to the microwave-fast food.

We must getting off our sofas and taking action.Parents must take control of their children's diet and exercise habits — and THEIR OWN.

It's a fact - 95% of the people who go on conventional diets gain all the weight back and
they often end up fatter than when they started.

Learn how to be among the successful 5% group who keep the fat off forever.

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